the Plant-powered path 
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You’re a big fan of plants (or at least you want to be).

In fact, you’ve done your research on the benefits of a plant-based diet. And have likely dabbled in eating that way - no meat, cheese, or eggs on your plate.

You’ve noticed that the more fruits and veggies you add to your daily routine, the better you feel.

Thing is… you’re not sure if you’re making the right choices all of the time.

Some days you find yourself relying a little too much on those easy-to-make processed vegan foods than you’d like to admit.

And protein choices? You’re pretty sure you need to diversify to ensure you’re getting all of the essential nutrients your body needs.

Outside of your own uncertainty… there’s your partner or your kids to consider. Because they aren’t always on board with your love for veggies (or your interest in going vegan for that matter). Which means… it’s a struggle to make eating exclusively plant-based your default mode. Even though you’d love nothing more.

You don’t have time to research the million and one vegan recipes sites on the internet. And you certainly don’t have time to waste letting this one big goal of yours fall by the wayside.

That’s why you’re here.

 You’re looking for a simple, straightforward, easily-fits-into-your-life way to bring all of your plant-based dreams come true so that you can finally feel clear, confident, and certain about thrive on plants.

Learn everything you need to adopt a completely plant-based lifestyle

plant-based Eating done right

Meet Mary Ellen &
the plant-powered path

how is the plant-powered path differnt?

• The must-have pantry and fridge staples to ensure you always have protein, healthy fat, and a variety of nutrients in your daily meals

• How to prepare the perfect vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and how to snack like a pro

• How to navigate restaurant and take out menus so that you always choose the very best options

And so much more!

Plant-Based Genius is perfect for your if…

• You’ve felt confused and overwhelmed about how to go fully plant-based

• You’re already vegan but know that you’re not getting enough nutrient variety (you’re relying a little too much on the processed vegan foods in the freezer section)

• You want simple, easy to make recipes that taste delicious, give you energy, and are budget-friendly

• You love learning on-the-go and on your own because you’re really good at putting things into practice with the right guidance

• You’re interested in experimenting with how going fully vegan will impact your health

Hi! I’m Mary Ellen Valverde, Vegan Detox Creator! 

The easiest, most efficient way to adopt a completely plant-based lifestyle (without the stress)

The Plant-Powered Path is
Coming Soon!

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    The Plant-Powered Path is
    Coming Soon!

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      The Plant-Powered Path is 12-week course designed to teach you the essential components of making a healthy plant-based life your default mode.

      As a Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist with a Master's degree in Functional Nutrition, 

      It’s something I wish existed when my health issues and confusion about how to be well were at their peak. Embracing these eating habits, these routines, and these self-care practices has empowered me to heal from years of digestion issues, acne, weight gain, hormone imbalance and more.

      I want the same for you so come join me on your vegan detox journey!

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