plant-based Solution

 • Clarity about what to eat to truly be well for life—instead of feeling like you seesaw between trends and theories.

• To nourish yourself in a way that aligns with your values—being kind to animals, the planet AND yourself is truly important to you. 

• Freedom from weight worries—thinking the number on the scale or the number inside your jeans is a metric for your beauty. 

 • To feel at complete ease in your body—no longer burdened by pain, stress, or symptoms that steal your energy and happiness.

While you’ve tried to figure it out alone—and researched on Google for hours, read all of the books, and tried SO many "diets"—nothing has worked.

a program for women who want to feel better without the overwhelm

Hey there! I’m Mary Ellen Valverde,
plant-based Nutrition EXPERT & Mindset Coach.

I'm a Certified Nutrition Specialist & Licensed Nutritionist who specializes in plant-based nutrition. I work with health-conscious women to help them feel better while also allowing them to stay true to their values.

And right here, right now, I’m officially in your corner.

How is my approach different?

I work WITH my clients to transform their life through a plant-based nutrition, healthy yet tasty recipes, and shifting their mindset around food... all while making things easier and sustainable.

We'll replace habits that are no longer serving you with more attainable, personalized routines. I will help educate you on WHY we're doing things because knowing more about the reasons behind our actions is huge in creating lasting changes.

You won't be going at this alone. I will be there to support you every step of the way to keep you on track and lift you up when you need extra encouragement. We'll go at your pace to make sure you're comfortable and not feeling overwhelmed.

I'm not about restriction, I want you adopting habits that you will use in the real world. There's no stress about being "perfect" with me!

Here’s what I’ve discovered after healing from my own health battles AND studying with the very best in the realm of functional nutrition:

True wellness requires us to not only unburden the body, but to also unburden the mind because how we think impacts how we treat our most precious commodity: the skin we live in.

This unique approach provides meaningful, lasting results for lifelong wellness.

This is a comprehensive 8-week experience designed to identify underlying issues, integrate a true plant-based lifestyle into your daily routine, and begin the powerful process of: 

Unburdening the Body by leveraging the power of a plant-based diet and detoxification

Unburdening the Mind by including the power of stress relieving techniques to reduce anxiety and reinstate calm

We will work together over the course of 8 weeks to help get you get clear on your wellness goals as well as the steps you need to take to achieve them.

In our initial 60-minute call, we'll deep dive into your habits, health history, nutrition analysis, and goals. 

I will send you a personalized nutrition plan based on our 1st conversation which we will go over on our second 60-minute call. 

We will then have six (6) 30-minute weekly check-ins after our first two in-depth sessions. 

Throughout our time together, I will support you and keep you accountable in all aspects of wellness: a plant-based diet, the right kind of movement for your unique body, creating healthy yet tasty meals (even when short on time), fitting self-care into your busy lifestyle, and detoxing both the body & mind for complete wellness. 

• You're excited to make a healthy plant-based lifestyle your default mode

• You know that personalized guidance and accountability is what you need to truly heal 

• You’re in search of an integrative approach that will take every element of your health and your life into consideration

• You’re after a sustainable way of eating, moving, and living that you can easily integrate into your life

• You want a nutrition expert with you every step of the way to make sure you're successful in this new lifestyle

I always look forward to my sessions with Mary Ellen. She has helped me understand that wellness is not just about food - a change in lifestyle is what matters. Before working with Mary Ellen, I wasn't enjoying food because of constant hunger and energy crashes.

Mary Ellen has helped me get over the calorie counting, cut down on processed food, and eat more home-cooked meals (thanks to her recipes). The biggest change I’ve seen is having energy throughout the day. My family has even commented that I am more vibrant! I have been implementing all the things she suggested and am now feeling great. 

- Chandana G.

Ready to Find Out If Working Together is the Perfect Fit? Schedule a Free 15-minute discovery call with me!

This program is Right for You If… 

See if we're a good fit!

Mary Ellen really listens to her clients. I would explain areas I’d like to make changes to or improvement on and she tailors plans to fit your needs. It is very personal to Mary Ellen because she actually cares about your well being and success. She never makes you feel like a failure when you backslide to old unhealthy patterns. Instead, she helps you connect the dots as to why you might have certain cravings and offers healthy alternatives that might fill the need.

Mary Ellen also does an awesome job of explaining in real terms why certain foods make you feel the way you do or what affect they may have on your body. So many times she will explain a concept to me and a light bulb will go off - "that makes so much sense!!"
- Annemarie Kirk


Do you already need to be plant-based or vegan to work with you? 

No, not at all! I work with anyone who wants to adopt a healthy plant-based diet.

Whether you've been vegan for years and want to focus on less processed eating or someone who has no idea where to start with a plant-based diet, we'll put a plan together that you're comfortable with to get you feeling your best.

How much do I need to know about health and nutrition to get started?

Honestly you don't need to have any experience with nutrition or health to get started - I'm here to guide you through it all!

The last thing you need when you're not feeling well is to add more overwhelm. I cater each session to your unique needs and goals so you're comfortable. Want to go more slowly? No problem! Ready to jump right in? That's great too! All I ask is that you're willing to make the changes I recommend - your experience level isn't a factor at all. 

Do you take insurance?

Insurance is not accepted for this personalized approach to nutrition - but consider this an investment in your health. The money you contribute in this way creates a healthier (and happier) life for yourself. Plus you'll set yourself up for less medical bills in the future! 

You know you need to do things differently. And more importantly, get support from someone who has the in-depth expertise, the personal experience, and the heart to be as devoted to your goals as you are.

• Someone who won’t let you give up
• Someone who will help you find a way no matter how busy your schedule is
• Someone who knows how to help you not only take the stress out of wellness, but to help you truly live it

Nothing has empowered you to sustain that lifestyle you so wish you could fully embrace.

• Do NOT want to fully adopt a plant-based lifestyle

• Are looking for a quick fix

• Are not committed to changing your eating habits or lifestyle

• Don't want continued accountability or support

• Are not ready to invest in your health

This program won't be a good fit if You… 

What you'll get from this program

what's included in this program

For as long as you can remember, you’ve been on a mission to feel beautiful, alive, healthy, & vibrant.

I created this program because so many women are struggling right now. Struggling like I did with:

• Confusion on what to eat on a healthy vegan diet
• How to fit in healthy meals when life gets busy
• Stubborn weight loss 
• Feeling puffy/heavy/bloated 
• Digestion issues
• Hormone problems
• Food allergies, sensitivities or reactions
• Feeling tired & fatigued

If you're experiencing any of these things, I understand exactly how you're feeling. And I want help.

How does your program work?

My practice is based in functional nutrition, which takes your whole self into account. 

Addressing food choices is only one piece of the puzzle. We also have to take a look at all aspects of who you are so that we can make sustainable, lifelong changes that result in your feeling your best. 

Our sleep, stress levels, exercise habits, mood, and mindset are all connected. 

That’s why my methodology integrates working on both the body & mind. This dynamic duo is what will empower you to finally get that healthy sparkle back—where you finally feel the way you want to feel and look the way you want to look. 

In our sessions, we'll go over all the unique aspects of YOU to get a full picture of your health and set attainable goals.

My mission is to help you feel better. To get rid of that "not yourself" feeling. 

If you do the work & put your health first, you can achieve the same results as my other clients:
• lose the stubborn weight & stop that puffy/heavy feeling
• reduce the achiness
• stop the brain fog
• gain energy
• reduce cravings
• figure out your digestion issues
• reduce the overwhelm, anxiety, & worry
• banish the breakouts, eczema
• sleep better

thank you!