Strategy Session

ready to get a jumpstart on your health?

I’m Mary Ellen Valverde,
plant-based Nutrition EXPERT & Mindset Coach.

I help women who are confused & overwhelmed get started on a plant-based diet in order to feel better both mentally + physically.

Sometimes all you need is a little help in the right direction.

And I'd love to help you.  

In our one 50-minute session, we can do a few of these things depending on what you would like to focus on:

• Discuss few of your wellness goals & talk what could be preventing you from achieving them.

• Review your 3-day diet diary. 

• Decide on a few action steps to get you started on your healthy path.

• Discuss any other questions you may have about a plant-based diet.

After we talk, I will follow up with notes from our call along with any resources we discussed so you'll be off to a strong start.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not be deep diving into your personal health issues in this session so the recommendations I offer will be more generalized. 

If you're looking for a more personalized nutrition plan and support program, check out my 

• Would like to find out more about a plant-based diet and decide if it's right for you

• Want to speak with an expert who understands the science behind nutrition and help you cut through all the confusing information out there

• Need someone to assist you in get clear on a few realistic goals

Don't require continued support or accountability to achieve those goals

Ready to book your strategy session?

This strategy session would be perfect for You If you… 

I'm in!

You can stop the overwhelm when you have a plan. 

• Want an in-depth personalized nutrition plan

• Need continued accountability & support to make sure you're successful in this new lifestyle

• Are not willing to put in the work to achieve the goals we discuss on our call

• Are looking for a quick fix

• Are not ready to invest in your health

This strategy session would not be a good fit if You… 

what's included in our session

Plant-Based Solution.

Many women just need some help getting started because beginning anything new is usually the hardest part. That's where my Plant-Based Jumpstart Strategy Session comes in!


You're overwhelmed & confused - and I get it.

Everybody else seems to have this "healthy" thing figured out. You see women on Instagram and Facebook looking happy and free like they have no problems in the world. 

You’ve gone on countless diets, tried different workouts, and even purchased special shakes, bars or cleanses to be feel better. 

Yet nothing has worked and you've just about given up. 

You’ve probably wondered…
What the heck should I eat on a plant-based diet?
Who can I come to with my nutrition related questions?   
How do I fit everything into my already busy schedule?

Or thought...
How am I ever going to start feeling better when I don't know where to start? 


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