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I’m devoted to helping you adopt a vegan lifestyle that unburdens your body, de-stresses your mind, and empowers you to live more mindfully, more happily, and more comfortably in your own skin.
By uniting my passion for plants & mindfulness with my Master’s in Functional Nutrition, I offer a completely holistic and science-based approach to designing your healthiest life.
When you finally understand what your unique body needs to thrive and which foods trigger the discomfort, the weight gain, the inflammation and more, you will be empowered to live well, for life.

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My private nutrition consulting is designed to elevate your health & wellness through a customized plant-based game plan. 

It is designed to identify what stands in the way of your highest state of wellbeing, integrate a true plant-based lifestyle into your daily routine, and begin the powerful process of unburdening both the body and mind.

I need personalized guidance to heal my health issues.

1:1 coaching

I need a detox from all the stress—body and mind. 

vegan detox

If you’re looking for a detox experience that lasts, that feels simple, and that you can easily return to over and over again, then the 21-Day Vegan Detox is what you're looking for.

This is a nutrition specialist guided, easy-to-follow plan that you can effectively integrate into your busy life.

I need to learn the basics about vegan eating and living. 

Going Vegan Program {coming soon!}

The Plant-Based Genius Program is easiest, most efficient way to adopt a completely vegan lifestyle (without the stress).

This 4-week self-study course is designed to teach you the 4 essential components of making vegan living your default mode.

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